Fleetwood Consulting

Fleetwood Consulting is a company a couple years old doing an old business a new way. FC is a holding company representing the businesses of Mike and Tracie Fleetwood. We address the number one problem in America today and that is the economy. We address this issue in two ways saving money on things you are already buying and earn more income.

Tracie has formed a team of business associates that help people improve their lives. Today more people tah ever before are developing a “Plan B” which can provide them with the options of having a second stream of revenue and the security to deal with life’s surprises. Through working with a uplifting team on the “Greatest Opportunity in America”, investing in self improvement and helping others we can achieve the accomplishments that we could only dream of before.  She and our team are bringing the concepts and advantages of this great company to our local area. You can join us in living out our dreams. As the words of one of the leaders in this business say “You can help us make it happen, you can watch it happen or one day you can look around and wonder what happened” Regardless it’s going to happen. Contact us to be a part of the fastest growing business in America!

Contact Fleetwood Consulting to see how we can assist you  in any of the offerings we bring mike@fleetwoodconsulting.com at 217-653-3163 or tracie@fleetwoodconsulting.com or 217-242-3136.

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